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Helping schools, communities, and people develop programs and learn easy to use and practical, evidence-based mindfulness skills has been at the heart of our mission since we began teaching mindfulness classes in 2011.


Our work in this field started several years before we felt called to form the Center for Integrative Learning and Teaching. In addition to supporting a mindfulness program at University School of Nashville (USN) since 2010, we have taught a mindful parenting six week class series twice a year beginning in 2011. Through our partnership with USN, we offer weekly opportunities for faculty and a weekly gathering for parents that includes a guided mindfulness practice followed by an inspirational reading or a topic and a facilitated conversation through the lens of parenting. 


We have helped host events in Nashville with nationally known speakers and trainers (including Susan Kaiser Greenland, Mindful Schools, and Mindfulness Without Borders, all based in mindfulness and centered on serving children through the adults that work and live with them. We were delighted that both our Mindful Parenting Class and our Introduction to Mindfulness class were accepted as a valid pre-requisite for the Mindful Schools Curriculum training we hosted in 2015 at USN. 


In 2015 we added our Mindful Living Series and in the summer of 2016 we offered our first Mini-Retreats for Educators in Louisville and Nashville! 


We hope you will subscribe to our website so you can be the first to hear about our upcoming offerings...and please consider joining us at an event soon!

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