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Past Events

In addition to the classes and events we have offered through our Mindful Living Series and Mindful Parenting Classes, we have been fortunate enough to host some nationally and internationally known mindfulness teachers here in Nashville!

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To learn more about our most recent events, visit this link:

Please visit this link to see a list of some of our previous class offerings:

Mindful Parent Talk

Susan Kaiser Greenland ~ Inner Kids

April 2017

We hosted a Parent Talk at Valor Collegiate Academies to kick off our weekend of events with internationally known author and mindfulness educator, Susan Kaiser Greenland.  The evening began with a seventh grade Valor scholar leading the entire audience in a True North practice (a mindful breathing practice) to help us settle our energy and get ready to listen and play Mindful Games with Susan!

Mindful Schools



January 2015

We were thrilled to host the first Mindful Schools Curriculum Training in the Southeast and surprised everyone by breaking their registration records at our January 2015 sellout event! This is another indicator of the vibrant mindfulness community that is alive and growing in Nashville, although we had participants from as far away as Wisconsin, Canada, and Massachusetts. 




July 2014

In July of 2014, Mindfulness Without Borders founder, Theo Koffler and senior facilitator Jasmin Zeger offered an interactive council process for participants to experience how this process can help build social and emotional competencies in adolescents and the teachers who train them. They were in town to offer mindfulness workshops for the and MNPS 4th Annual SEL Conference.

3 Day Inner Kids Training for Professionals ~

Mindful Games

Susan Kaiser Greenland 

April 2017

It was an honor and a wonderful learning experience for the CILT Nashville team to partner with Susan Kaiser Greenland to facilitate and manage this very successful professional training with a sell out crowd. Our team facilitated the small group breakout sessions in what was a pilot format for Susan. Feedback about the training was so strong, with the most common refrain being what a strong sense of community we created over the three days. It wasn't just a professional training...we built a mindful educator community!


Inward Bound Mindfulness 


October 2015

In September of 2014, we hosted the first teen retreat in the Southeast with the Executive Director of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme), Jessica Morey and a team of local facilitators. The 25 teens in attendance came from as far as Ohio and Georgia.

Susan Kaiser


Inner Kids

October 2011

Our relationship with Susan Kaiser Greenland began when she came to speak in Nashville in October of 2011. While here she offered a workshop for MNPS (Metro Nashville Public School) Counselors and one for mental health care workers.

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