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"Thank you for the session. It was the perfect way to unwind after a busy week. I felt like I was exactly where I needed to that space with amazing people. "

First-Time Attendee, Mindfulness Workshop

"I always look forward to Mary and Shelly's workshops--so welcoming, nurturing and inclusive. I learn and take away a sense of peace and calm. Finding a place that slows my frenetic pace is a treasure."

Liza, Workshop Attendee

"The mindfulness sessions with you have made such a positive difference for staff members. I have learned to lean into situations with more wonder and curiosity, remembering first what is working instead of what is causing frustration. You serve as a gentle, knowledgeable and compassionate guide. Thank you!"

Sue Fort White,

Executive Director ~ Our Kids Center

"Thank you for sharing your expertise. The students loved it! 
They all talked about how they found it to be tremendously helpful and very practical indeed. 
It could not have gone any better and accomplished exactly what I was hoping that it would."

Tim Pierce, Faculty at O'More College of Design

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